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Island Television 1962

1962, the launch of a new independent television channel for the Channel Islands, Island Television. The first ident was a simple still, featuring the logo of the station, an abstract 'island in the sea', accompanied with a short tune.

Island Television 1975

It took until 1975 before Island brought out it's first colour ident. The word 'ISLAND' appearing in different colours down the left to the familiar tune, and a colourised version of the logo in blue and green. The logo was also slightly altered so that the island 'met' the sea.

Island Television 1986

1986 and Island got their first computer generated ident. A very simple affair, one again with the familiar tune, but with a strange edit on the end.

Island Television 1988

1988 and Island replaced their ident with the generic version provided by the ITV as it was felt it was considerably better than the version they were currently using. This also meant that the familiar tune was never heard again.

Island Television 1993

1993 and Island launch a new logo to coincide with the new Channel 3 contract. The ident still used a shortened version of the theme from the ITV generic ident and had a 'wavy' background with the new logo in blue. The animation wasn't to adventurous and was soon replaced.

Island Television 1994

The new ident burst onto the screens in 1994 with a re-edited version of the ITV generic theme and spectacular animation. The ident has since been considered Island finest ident.

Island Television 1999

1999 saw the introduction of a new set of live action idents. The logo remained and a new font was used for the name, plus the 'television' legend was removed. The new ITV logo was also included, but Island refused to go along with the 'hearts' branding. The idents were edited later to include the stations web address, www.islandtv.com. This ident was a version used around autumn.

Island Television 2002

2002 was the year in which ITV again tried to introduce a generic ident across the network. Island, still independent, but still wanting to be part of the network, adopted an edited version of the idents with a logo based on that of their previous idents. These also saw the first mention of 'ITV1' in the Channel Islands.


Island Television 2002

Christmas 2002, and island decide to do their own Christmas version based on the network promotions after ITV's pathetic attempt of editing the normal idents.

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