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ABC In-Flight Television 1999

In 1997, KLM advertized a contract for companies to provide a more focused inflight television service than had previously been the norm. ABC won by offering a cheap, but innovative service. Rather than making grand promises of specially made TV shows that they knew wouldn't be financially viable,as other companies had, they offered pretty much the same kind of stuff KLM had used previously, but with tighter presentation. There would be the usual in-flight movies and imported sitcoms, original programming would mainly consist of documentaries or chat shows with celebrities who would be available after appearing on a 'proper' ABC programme. All this would be bound together with genial, relaxing continuity, which could not only offer programme details, but important travel information. ABC Inflight Television finally launched in 1999.

ABC In-Flight Television 1999

The original programming came from ABC's various sister and subsiduary companies. Here's how Central's 1990s production slide was adapted, resulting in the slightly awkward placement of the ABC triple-triangle, which ABC insisted should appear where possible. Also, because the material was probably going to be used and reused, the year was omitted from the copyright line to prevent it dating too fast.

ABC In-Flight Television 1999

All programming was followed by this presentation slide.

ABC In-Flight Television 2003

A programme menu, using KLM's trademark shade of blue. Thanks to it's partial ownership by CGA Electronics, ABC could also offer a technological edge. The programming could all be stored in an easily installed solid state device, which could also place 'live' information (altitude etc.) over the pre-recorded material like the menus.

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