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ABC WEEKEND : 1968-1992
Graphics and text © Andy O'Brien

ABC Weekend 1968

There were now two distinct ABC brands on ITV, seperate subsidiaries of the ABPC parent company. Outside investment was secured to help ABC-Capital (later to be simply Capital) serve the London weekday franchise. The new company went for the iconic image of London buildings, mirrored in the Thames. It's older, sister company, ABC-Weekend initially stayed close to it's previous look. The jingle was rescored, now boasting a fanfare before the chimes. Most noticably, the radiating wave from the start-up was incorporated into the main ident, after the triangle formed up as usual.

ABC Weekend 1969

The colour logo. Notable for it's complicated animation, the triangle would slowly zoom in while the letters A-B-C would then flash in time with the chimes. Once the triangle came to a stop would begin it's pulsing wave. While this was happening the clouds would drift from right to left in the background and continue drifting for as long as was necessary, until the actual programme started.

ABC Weekend 1972

A few years later a night-time version was introduced. Unusually, this was seen outside of the region as ABC edited it on to networked programmes that they expected to be shown in the evening (though it didn't always work out as intended). In 1977, both this and the daytime version were slighty changed, dropping the 'Weekend' part.

ABC Weekend 1972

As the endcap had always been darker than the regular ident, it could be used for both day and night. And the clouds still rolled.

ABC Weekend 1974

Even a fault caption was a branding oppurtunity to ABC.

ABC Weekend 1984

While ABC continued it's strong branding, it's design started to stagnate in the 80s. This computer generated ident, seemed innovative when first introduced. But it was really rather unimaginative when considered more closely. It also started to looked dated by the early 90s (ABC, in common with nearly all weekened companies, never adopted the ITV generic in 1989). When ABC retained it's franchise in the 1992 franchise round, it announced there would be a new design, but with the promise of something "classically ABC", whatever that meant.

ABC Weekend 1992

And here's what it meant. A return to the ABC shield of the 50s. The previous synthersizer jingle was replaced with an agressive brass arrangement. All very retro but once again, ABC stood out from the pack and more importantly, stood out from it's sister company Capital, which was taking a more modern, low key approach to presentation design.

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