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ATV : 1982-1998
Graphics and text © Andy O'Brien

ATV 1982

The slight rebranding of ATV into ATV Midlands that placated the IBA. The ident was similar to the short, monochrome version of 'Zoom 2', though played with a larger ensemble. ATV still didn't manage to embrace regional commitment quite as fully as they promised.

ATV 1986

The 1982 ident was not to be as long lived as it's 1969 predecessor. Computer graphics were the big thing in the 80s and ATV was determined not to be left behind.

ATV 1987

The new production slide.

ATV 1988

A programme slide featuring ATV's Friday night slogan that was an obvious dig at Central.

ATV 1997

An innovation that was not entirely welcome in TV presentation fandom, the 1997 ident was subjugated to 'Now and Next' programme announcements. This is from the good old days when big movies on ITV had to have a break for News at Ten.

ATV 1998

A temporary return of the shadowed eye, with good purpose.

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