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As part of the original plan for extending weekend franchises, Wales and West England would have been served by Central. But many Welsh politicians and commentators complained that this would not serve the needs of their country. Among those who objected were members of the Harlech Television consortium who were aiming at unseating TWW. So the Postmaster General and the ITA turned around and asked Harlech to put its money where its collective mouth was.

Harlech Television 1969

Harlech's black and white op-art ident had made its mark, but it clearly couldn't transfer to 625-line UHF colour broadcasting. The stripes were made wider and the animation was simplified. This is the still caption version, which featured the word 'Colour', unlike the animated version.

Harlech Television 1969

The endcap which indicated some of the branding confusion that Harlech experienced with the coming of colour. The H symbol would seem to be a move towards a definite logo, but it wasn't used on much presentation material.

Harlech Television 1969

For instance it was absent from the new endcap for black and white programmes.

Harlech Television 1969

The Harlech ad-break optical (presented as an animated gif).

Harlech Television 1969

For the first few years of colour, Harlech used the colour Picasso slide.

Harlech Television 1974

When the IBA 'Transmitters in service' cards came in, Harlech was unique in having this caption to use before the seemingly endless list of transmitters and link-transmitters.

Harlech Television 1976

This was also a common sight on Harlech startups. A Welsh version also existed.

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