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TWW : 1968-1989
Graphics and text © Andy O'Brien

TWW 1968

TWW had been toying with this logo since 1966 and it had appeared on screen a few times. But with the renewal of the franchise, TWW had the confidence to make it their permanent ident. This was accompanied by a rather funky string and brass jingle composed and arranged by Mark Wirtz.

TWW 1968

The Teledu Cymru dragon got a makeover too.

TWW 1968

The TWW clock.

TWW 1968

Teledu Cymru's timepiece.

TWW 1969

The colour version of TWW's ident.

TWW 1969

Teledu Cymru goes colour. Of course what other colour could the dragon be?

TWW 1977

A typical programme slide. The rather cheesy Beatles TV cartoon was dusted off by many ITV companies to cash in on the Beatles reunion in 1977.

TWW 1982

Like nearly every other company that held it's franchise in 1982, TWW celebrated with a new ident. For some reason it was felt that only WW part of the name needed any explanation. But it was not all jubilation for TWW in 1982. While it was felt that, while TWW had provided a fine Welsh language service, Teledu Cymru should be allowed to be an independent company again. However, after changes in the law, TWW was allowed to take over Teledu Cymru in 1993 (and it helped itself to Scottish shortly after).

TWW 1989

Never seen onscreen, the 1989 TWW ITV generic ident. TWW had initially been enthusiastic about the idea, but when it became clear that few other companies would take the idea onboard, TWW started to voice doubts. Once Capital backed out of the idea entirely, TWW quickly followed.

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