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ITV Generic - Thames 1980

This is how the London weekday slide looked. The map shows a rough shape of the franchise area highlighted. Because of the 'complexity' of putting the skyline on the slide the designers have simply taken the Thames name and mirrored that instead. The ITV region name has been marked as ITV London. Thames are quoted as saying that 'this example looks quite nice, but needs work.'

ITV Generic - LWT 1980

LWT had virtually the same slide as Thames but the ITV region was called ITV London Weekend. LWT said that they were 'quite pleased at the layout.'

ITV Generic - Anglia 1980

The Knight didn't make it for Anglia but the word-logo did. Anglia weren't so sure about the design and said 'Our channel symbol needs to be incorporated.'

ITV Generic - Southern 1980

Southern's star did make it. Southern didn't really have a lot to say on the matter and are noted as being pleased overall.

ITV Generic - Westward 1980

The Westward Galleon also made it onto their slide. But the region has been called ITV South West. Westward like Anglia were a bit unsure about the rendition of their logo.

ITV Generic - HTV West 1980

HTV in the West. HTV in the west were pleased as were...

ITV Generic - HTV Wales 1980

HTV in Wales.

ITV Generic - ATV 1980

ATV's style wasn't the best and that's what has been recorded as their comment on the design.

ITV Generic - Granada 1980

Granada having been responsible for these generic slides in the first place, were very pleased at the outcome.

ITV Generic - Yorkshire 1980

Yorkshire said they would never even look at this 'generic' before the rest of ITV had said they would use them. Never mind.

ITV Generic - Tyne Tees 1980

However Tyne Tees were quite happy at the design.

ITV Generic - STV 1980

STV's version was slightly wrong, but they 'overlooked' the incident with the highlighting so long as it didn't appear on the final version, if there was to be one.

ITV Generic 1980

Not every franchise had a design, there is no documentation to say why so those may be missing or may have been destroyed. There were four slides to show how an animated version would work. The start...

ITV Generic 1980

...then the colour appears...

ITV Generic 1980

...it fills out the ITV logo...

ITV Generic 1980

The final position.

ITV Generic 1980

There was an example of a generic slide.

ITV Generic 1980

There was even a possible design for ITV2 which was as yet non-exisitant. Most companies wanted things altered and because of the franchise battle moving closer it was decided to put the idea on hold.

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