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ALT-APFS : 1996-2004
Graphics and text © Chris Oakley
Shown here and on the following page are some of the idents from the regional APFS channels as seen between 1996 and 2004. As you can see, some of them have had merely the slightest hint of polish added to them whereas others have undergone a more radical change in image.

APFS - Dragon (Cymru Wales) 2000

Dragon, to this day, retain their distinctive red 'g' but the year 2000 brought in a series of three different coloured backdrops to give a sense of identity to each region.

Shown here is the green background for 'Cymru Wales.'

APFS - Dragon (South West) 2000

The 'South West' region got the red background...

APFS - Dragon (West) 2000

...while the 'West' region had the blue backdrop.

APFS - Exelon 1999

The London weekend franchise, Exelon Television, first used their current design in this form back in 1999.

APFS - Lontel 1996

The London weekday franchise, Lontel, were already using the same blue and white colourscheme when they were broadcasting some three years previously.

APFS - Network East 1999

Network East formerly used their 'compass point' ident until a more up-to-date look replaced it a few years later.

APFS - Network NorthWest 1998

The North West of England were highly familiar with this bold design and its red backdrop for many years.

APFS - Spectrum

Arguably the most distinctive ident of the entire APFS network around this time, Spectrum used a simple yet colourful logo to put the Midlands region on the TV map.

APFS - Sunrise 1996

APFS' breakfast TV franchise, Sunrise, had this bright and cheery ident to help viewers wake up back in 1996.

APFS - SWT 1997

SWT adopted this ident back in 1997 and was used until 2003.

APFS - TeleSouth

In the South of England, Telesouth used this logo until the revamp modified the 'screen and arrow' in late-2003.

APFS - theTV 2002

Viewers in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire were treated to this ident recently, just prior to it's slightly remodeled replacement in 2004.

APFS - Thistle 1996

Central and Southern Scotland was the home for this ident during the latter part of the 90's. The pastel colours were subsequently ditched in favour of a more detailed thistle symbol in the next revamp.

APFS - ThreeCastle

ThreeCastle's original ident looked like this. As you can see, the fleur-de-lys were bigger around the border and the type face was yet to be italicised.

APFS - TV4U 2004

TV4U, the APFS franchise for Northern Ireland, unveiled this complete change in identity in 2004. In came a new logo, new type face and a new colourscheme.

APFS - TVB 1997

The Television Borders ident, as used from the late 1990's onwards.

APFS - TVCI 1999

The ident for Television Channel Islands before the slight change to it which occurred four years later.

APFS - TVN 2001

This ident for TVN, later replaced by a similar version featuring the Tyne Bridge, depicted the Gateshead Millennium Bridge, opened in September 2001.

LAST UPDATE: 24th March 2004

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