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LWT : 1955-1997
Graphics and text © Chris Oakley

LWT 1955

London Weekend Television captured the end-of-week license for the capital in 1955 and began life with this simply-animated design. The four-pointed star appeared alone on screen before the name of the station materialised...

LWT 1955

...to gradually encircle it...

LWT 1955

...and complete the sequence. A cascading jingle played on the harp completed the effect.

LWT 1955

A similar caption shown after programmes from the period.

LWT 1957

A clock in the minimalist style, based on the LWT logo of the time.

LWT 1963

Time for a change but some continuity prevailed (no pun intended). The four-pointed star remained but was now surrounded by a TV screen.

LWT 1964

This caption usually appeared before LWT's own programmes. It was the only time this logo was seen to be animated, the star zooming into focus from a vanishing point in the distance. It was accompanied by a jingle comprising of three notes, each one higher than the previous.

LWT 1969

Colour television came to Britain in 1969 and LWT viewers had the shock of their lives with this purple and orange interpretation of the logo that had gone before. Also taking up permanent residence was the animation and jingle that was previously only seen before LWT's own programmes.

LWT 1969

A 'Production' caption shown at the end of LWT programmes.

LWT 1972

In 1972, London Weekend did away with the four-pointed star for good and instead went for a more modern look. Viewers in the capital now saw a logo made of three rings containing the letters L,W and T - the W being a stylised version of the waves that symbolised the River Thames. There was a new colour-scheme too: two-tone blue on a white background, further enhancing the watery theme.

LWT 1973

Another end of programme caption from the time when 'Colour' was still not available to all.

LWT 1976

A chance to see what was coming up on a Sunday evening with this menu slide from 1976.

LWT 1977

Peter Lewis seen here providing the continuity in front of a backdrop showing the familiar South Bank studios.

LWT 1978

A programme caption shown during the 1978 World Cup in Argentina.

LWT 1979

A new logo to take LWT out of the 1970's and into the 80's. A more substantial looking appearance this time, using a colour-scheme of white with orange and blue.

LWT 1980

In the days just before computer-generated imagery became commonplace, LWT managed to come up with this smart and stylish clock using the old-fashioned methods. This one preceded 'The Incredible Hulk' during one summer evening in 1980.

LWT 1981

It wasn't until the 1979 logo came into being that LWT started to show the year of production for each of its programmes on end captions. Here's one example from 1981.

LWT 1982

Saturday mornings began with this slide back in 1982 indicating LWT's link-up with the IBA.

LWT 1987

A complete change of footing on the graphics front came to London Weekend in August 1987. Though there was a new logo, it only played second fiddle to the main imagery which featured the sights of London. Before each programme, viewers saw these little snippets of film with the new logo in the bottom right corner complete with the dulcet tones of the resident continuity announcer to detail the next programme. Not everybody liked it...

LWT 1987

Here's another one, this time featuring Buckingham Palace.

LWT 1987

A nice touch was that the evening and night-time programmes were preceded appropriately by evening and night-time versions of the landmark films. The Houses of Parliament feature in this one from 1987.

LWT 1988

As time went on, further films featuring more landmarks were to follow. This was another night-time image showing Piccadilly Circus in all it's illuminated finery.

LWT 1988

A trailer for 'The Two of Us' from 1988.

LWT 1989

In 1989, ITV ushered in the corporate look. This still shows the beginning of LWT's version of the new ITV ident buffer, featuring a more colourful version of the 1987 logo.

LWT 1989

...and here's how it ended. The 'L' of the LWT logo just about shows itself, although the name of the station is thankfully still in place below the ITV logo.

LWT 1990

By 1990, the corporate look that dominated the regional idents of the ITV stations was felt to have done its job and was subsequently watered down. Here we can see the LWT logo rightfully returned to it's place of prominence, but this time with a slightly different pattern to the one used a year before.

LWT 1991

This was the caption used at the end of LWT's programmes from the same period.

LWT 1995

ITV slackened the leash further still in 1995 and allowed the regional ITV companies to abandon the ITV corporate look almost altogether. LWT opted for a somewhat more colourful appearance, retaining the bright summer blue thread that had been brought in six years earlier (some would say 23 years earlier).

LWT 1995

A rare outing for a 'Temporary Fault' caption back in 1995.



Come 1997, ITV felt the need to remind viewers once again about the ITV 'family' with some corporate branding. This time the 'Hearts' theme was used as the vehicle to send the message home, but still keeping its top billing was the blue-and-white LWT logo in its tenth year.

LAST UPDATE: 15th December 2002

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