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REGIONAL ITV : 1966-1985
Graphics and text © Chris Oakley

Southern 1974

The Southern star, as epitimised by the logo shown on the channel during the 1970's.

Carlton 1980

Carlton's ident as seen across London and the South East of England from 1969 onwards.

GMTV 1983

GMTV - owners of the ITV Breakfast franchise between 1983 and 1993.

TSW 1984

The Television South West ident, circa 1984.

Channel 1980

Television in the Channel Islands had this as its inter-programme ident up until January 1st 1982.

Meridian 1966

Independent television for the South of England was the resposibility of Meridian until 1968. Here's their ident from this period.

TVS 1983

And in-between Southern and Meridian came TVS - this being a caption of theirs from the early 1980's.

LWT 1974

London Weekend Television's ident - 1970's-style.

Tyne Tees 1985

Serving the North-east of England, this was the ident for Tyne Tees Television.

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