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Palatine Television 1968

Palatine TV took over from Granada on July 30th 1968, covering the North-West of England on a seven-day basis. Here is their first ident.

Palatine Television 1968

An early edition of Palatine Newsdesk, the local news programme. Palatine had purchased the old Granada studios in Manchester, and established programmes such as Coronation Street continued in production.

Palatine Television 1969

A dual-purpose endcap from 1969. Note the change to lower-case lettering.

Palatine Television 1969

Colour came to Palatine in November 1969, and the graphics were consequently updated. The ident was animated.

Palatine Television 1969

The original colour clock. This lasted until the 1980s.

Palatine Television 1969

The colour production slide. Like the monochrome version, it was also used for presentation.

Palatine Television 1975

A 'coming next' caption from 1975.

Palatine Television 1978

The Palatine/IBA start-up slide as seen in 1978.

Palatine Television 1980

A schedule from 1980.

Palatine Television 1982

In 1982, Palatine dropped the word 'colour' from its idents. The animation and jingle remained unchanged.

Palatine Television 1984

A still from Palatine Newsdesk, shown in 1984.

Palatine Television 1984

Colin Weston providing continuity.

Palatine Television 1986

The clock in its second incarnation.

Palatine Television 1987

Richard Madeley fronting Palatine Newsdesk in 1987.

Palatine Television 1988

Palatine updated its graphics in 1988 with a new, computer-generated ident.

Palatine Television 1988

Here is the matching production slide.

Palatine Television 1989

A corporate ITV ident was produced for Palatine but never used.

Palatine Television 1990

In-vision continuity continued into the 1990s. Here is Colin Weston from 1990...

Palatine Television 1992

...and John McKenzie from 1992.

Palatine Television 1993

Following its franchise renewal, Palatine unveiled a new look in 1993.

Palatine Television 1993

Here is the production slide.

Palatine Television 1999

Palatine adopted the Hearts look in 1999. By this time, the company had grown considerably, absorbing companies such a Yorkshire, Anglia and LWT. There was talk of a future merger with Carlton. With the coming of digital tv, Palatine launched its own channels, one of which being Palatine Plus, shown programmes from the group's archives.

Palatine Television 2001

The current endcap as shown across the network.

Palatine Television 2001

Late in 2001, Palatine began to adopt a more 'corporate' look. Here is an LWT endcap from London's Burning.

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