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TSW : 1960-1981
Graphics and text © Dan Evans

TSW 1960

Television Southwest began broadcasting to the West Country in mid-1960. following a successful bid over its rival, Westward. Here is the original ident with a Granadaland influence.

TSW 1960

The production slide. In its early days, TSW made nothing for the network, so these graphics were seldom seen outside of the region.

TSW 1960

TSW's first on-screen clock. This was introduced at the station's launch and used right up until the introduction of colour.

TSW 1964

Following the franchise renewals of 1964, TSW gave itself a makeover. The new logo was a natural progression from the original and retained a suggestion of the South West arrow. This design, with its 'stripes' animation, was much imitated a few years later, particularly by HTV and Tyne-Tees.

TSW 1966

1966 saw the start of a long-running daytime game show, 'Thats my Dog', TSW's best known network contribution. Here is the production slide.

TSW 1972

Colour was a late arrival at TSW, transmissions not beginning until 1972. After having its logo and animation imitated by HTV in 1970, TSW decided on a green-based colour scheme in lieu of the traditional blue. For black-and-white programmes, a monochrome 16mm telerecording was used.

TSW 1972

TSW's first colour production slide.

TSW 1974

TSW made a series of fly-on-the-wall documentaries in 1974. Entitled 'Behind the Scenes', these films showed the people behind local institutions. Here is a still from the titles of 'Behind the Scenes at Totnes Museum', where the museum's technician is conserving an artifact from the collection. This particular film was repeated on Channel 4 in 1986 as part of its 'Open the Box' season.

TSW 1975

The station clock in its third incarnation. Mechanical with the colour added electronically, it lasted until the end of 1981.

TSW 1976

The endcaps were redesigned in 1976. Here is the production slide with copyright details added for the first time.

TSW 1976

The dual purpose presentation card. For a black-and-white import, this card was simply placed before a monochrome camera.

TSW 1976

Continuity from 1976, showing Jane Criddle on a very low-budget set. Note the wires suspending the TSW logo in front of the curtain!

TSW 1978

The TSW/IBA start-up slide as seen in 1978.

TSW 1979

In keeping with the house colours, the titles of TSW News Headlines in 1979.

TSW 1980

Fern Britton made her television debut at TSW. Here she is in 1980, fronting Today South West.

TSW 1981

A schedule from 1981. During this year, TSW managed to retain its franchise, and thus gave itself a new look, heralded in 1982 by a new, and rather epic, ident...

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