An Echo Of Theresa

(ITC Movie title "Anatomy Of Terror")

Original UK transmission:
5th May 1973
Original US transmission:
15th January 1973

Brian Clemens
Peter Jefferies
John Sichel
Paul Burke (Brad Hunter), Polly Bergen (Suzy Hunter), Dinsdale Landen (Matthew Earp), Basil Henson (Charles Merrow), Vernon Dobtcheff (Bannerheim), Meriel Brooke (Theresa), William Job (Trasker)

Teaser Sequence

The camera pans across the Thames and up to a hotel building, where an American couple are enjoying the view from their window. While the wife readies herself to go sightseeing, the husband sits down and glances at The Times but is momentarily overcome by a feeling of confusion. A business contact arrives unexpectedly, and without missing a beat he calls out his wife and introduces her as "Theresa". Shocked, she turns to him and says "Brad, my name isn't Theresa..."

Plot Summary

Visiting England for the first time, American Brad Hunter and his wife Suzy are looking forward to seeing the sights. As soon as he arrives, however, Hunter begins to lapse into episodes of bizarre behaviour; first he repeatedly refers to his wife as "Theresa" , and then flies into a rage and throws a business colleague out for no reason. Seized by strange sensations of familiarity about his new surroundings, Hunter's personality begins to disintegrate as he imagines himself to be an Englishman named Charles Merrow. To aid in solving the mystery, an eccentric private detective named Matthew Earp is called in but Hunter has already attracted the attention of other parties who's intentions are far from friendly.


This episode's real attraction is the wonderful portrayal by the late Dinsdale Landen of the erudite private detective Matthew Earp, who's priceless bouts of arrogance are perfectly framed against the unfolding story. The central premise is quite ingenious and keeps one guessing right up until the very end, with plenty of intrigue along the way. The character of Earp was brought back (in somewhat sharper form) in Season Three's
The Next Scream You Hear.