Murder In Mind

(ITC Movie title "Murder In Mind")

Original UK transmission:
19th May 1973
Original US transmission:
? 1973

Brian Clemens
Alan Gibson
John Sichel
Richard Johnson (George Drew), Zena Walker (Betty Drew), Donald Gee (Tom Patterson), Ronald Radd (Superintendent Terson), Robert Dorning (Doctor Sammers), Christina Greatrex (Jill Pembury), Anthony Boden (Sergeant Frost)

Teaser Sequence

The camera pans through the grounds of an expensive looking residence; inside, a middle-aged woman is standing with an alarmed look on her face, as though listening intently. A poker drops from her hand as she rushes outside to the car, tearing off at breakneck speed. At a quiet police station, one constable is ribbing another about his promotion to detective while his target bemoans the lack of worthy cases. At this point the woman stumbles in with a dazed look on her face, saying that she has committed a murder in her house. The two policeman ask her where she lives but she has no memory; as one calls the local doctor, he reflects "Well, I've no idea who she is...neither has she".

Plot Summary

Betty Drew stumbles into a police station in a confused state, relating an elaborate story of how she has just murdered a girl in cold blood with her husband. Despite the interest of one of the younger detectives, it soon becomes clear that she has been in a minor car accident and is in fact the wife of famous murder mystery author George Drew. Her story is dismissed but Betty, still in an amnesiac state, feels certain that a murder did take place. When the young detective takes a gamble and decides to believe her story, it looks as though the deception will be unmasked. However, not everything is as it seems and it soon transpires that perhaps the murder has not already taken place, but is actually waiting to happen.


The character of Betty Drew may not be the most engaging of personas but that doesn't detract from this ingenious twist on the "whodunnit" theme, where one is left to guess not the killer but the actual murder victim. The idea of making Drew amnesiac was inspired, as it leads one to ponder throughout whether there has even been a murder in the first place. Richard Johnson plays the part of her famous husband with just the right air of detachment, so that one is never quite sure of his feelings towards his neurotic wife.