A Place To Die

(ITC Movie title "A Place To Die")

Original UK transmission:
26th May 1973
Original US transmission:
18th March 1973

Terence Feely based on a story by Brian Clemens
Peter Jefferies
John Sichel
Bryan Marshall (Dr Bruce Nelson), Alexandra Hay (Tessa Nelson), John Turner (Bart), Glynn Edwards (Lob), Sally Stephens (Jill), Juan Moreno (Nick), Georgine Anderson (Jane), Lila Kaye (Bess Tarling), Sydney Bromley (Seth), Jenny Laird (Nan), Peggy Ann Wood (Belle), Graham Weston (Dan), Bill Ward (Job), John Flint (Police Inspector), Arnold Ridley (1st Old Man), Harold Bennett (2nd Old Man), Elsie Wagstaff (Old Woman)

Teaser Sequence

The camera pans across a rustic country village at dusk, then cuts to a dark forest where a young girl in a long gown stands petrified before beginning to flee from an unseen pursuer. She tears blindly through the night, with several pairs of feet now following close behind. Exhausted, she comes to a standstill as the wind rears up in the trees and a shadow encroaches...she screams.

(NOTE: this 60 second sequence was cut to a few seconds in the ITC movie version)

Plot Summary

Newlyweds Bruce and Tessa Nelson receive the welcome of a lifetime from the villagers in their new home town when they move into the medical practice of a deceased doctor. Unbeknown to them, the village is steeped in devil worship and the harmless looking inhabitants view Mrs Nelson as their "Lady" who will bring them unlimited satanic power. Initially charmed by their constant attentions, Tessa grows wary when she finds evidence suggesting that the previous doctor may have met an untimely end at their hands. When a young girl is found mutilated in the woods, Tessa becomes certain that she and her husband are in some kind of danger and she opens a bundle of un-mailed letters from the dead doctor. It is only then that she realises the terrible fate that her neighbours may have planned for her.


The series third dipping into the world of the supernatural probably goes just a bit too far for its own good, with the locals' constant fawning over their "Lady" and the overt occult references becoming somewhat overbearing at times. The storyline, while entertaining enough, unfolds in a fairly predictable fashion. Juan Moreno (Mad Nick) would later return (with voice) in Season Five's "
The Crazy Kill".