Spell Of Evil

(ITC Movie title "Spell Of Evil")

Original UK transmission:
16th June 1973
Original US transmission:
11th October 1973

Terence Feely based on a story by Brian Clemens
John Sichel
John Sichel
Diane Cilento (Clara), Edward De Souza (Tony Mansell), William Dexter (Mr Pritchard), Jeremy Longhurst (George Matthews), Jennifer Daniel (Liz), Martin Wyldeck (Mr Laker), Liz Cunningham (Suzy), Reg Lye (Caretaker), Iris Russell (Mrs Roberts), Philip Anthony (Mr Todd), Linda Cunningham (Suzy), David Belcher (Dr Paterson)

Teaser Sequence

The camera pans across a crowded inner suburb to a large but unremarkable house. In a bed a very ill-looking woman lays semi-conscious while her husband, a doctor and the housekeeper look on; the three step outside to discuss the situation, where the husband reveals that she had only become ill the night before. The doctor is baffled and recommends admitting her to hospital before her heart fails. Alone in her room, the woman is suddenly stricken by a vision of a black-cloaked figure wielding a dagger - she screams and, rushing to her side, her husband finds her lifeless.

Plot Summary

High flying businessman Tony Mansell employs the services of a marriage bureau when his wife dies after a sudden illness, and is delighted to find himself paired up with the beautiful Clara. Despite seeming like the perfect partner, Clara is in fact a modern day witch and has nothing but evil intentions for her new husband. She soon envelops her grip around Tony and he begins to fall sick from the same illness that had killed his wife, but Clara must also deal with the interference of several others who aren't quite so taken with her charms.


A creepy tale of modern day witchcraft with Australian-born film star Diane Cilento (probably best known to most people from The Wicker Man) turning in a suitably fiery performance as the beguiling Clara. Not many twists but full of intrigue, menace and deception.