A Coffin For The Bride

(ITC Movie title "Kiss Kiss, Kill Kill")

Original UK transmission:
1st June 1974
Original US transmission:
11th March 1974

Brian Clemens
John Sichel
John Sichel
Michael Jayston (Mark Walker), Helen Mirren (Stella), Michael Gwynn (Oliver Mason), Richard Coleman (Weston), Margaret Courtenay (Claire), Josephine Tewson (Yvonne), Arthur English (Freddy), Tony Steedman (Detective Quilly), Marcia Fox (Connie), Hugh Morton (Judge), Richard Hampton (Sergeant Miles)

Teaser Sequence

The camera pans across the Thames, and the picture dissolves into that of a fit man working out while a bath is running. His new wife, who is considerably older and rather frumpy looking, enters and they embrace passionately. As he continues to exercise, she looks on adoringly but is unprepared for when he presses a nerve in her neck and causes her to collapse. Then, laughing, he gloats over her unconscious body with the remark "Did you really think I could fall for someone like you - all flab and indulgences?" and throws her into the bath.

Plot Summary

When serial killer Mark Walker meets the beautiful Stella McKenzie at a health resort, he vows privately to give up his life of marrying and then murdering rich older women for their money. The arrival of an outrageous yet clearly wealthy divorcee at the resort however, has already tested his resolve to the limit and he is determined to have her money. The frumpish victim is somewhat suspicious of Walker but nevertheless falls prey to his finely honed charm and agrees in principle to marry him. The trap looks set when, unexpectedly, the lady goes missing.


Another winning story. Michael Jayston returns after his memorable appearance in
Ring Once For Death for what is almost a reprisal of his former role. The thing is that he is just so damn good at playing this kind of part that it doesn't matter - it's a joy to watch him in action. The beautiful Helen Mirren gets to showcase her acting talents too in a totally unexpected way. This is one of the few episodes to have been released on video in the UK.