I'm The Girl He Wants To Kill

(ITC Movie title "I'm The Girl He Wants To Kill")

Original UK transmission:
8th June 1974
Original US transmission:
18th March 1974

Brian Clemens
Shaun O'Riordan
John Sichel
Julie Sommars (Ann Rogers), Robert Lang (The Man), Anthony Steel (Mr Burton), Tony Selby (Mark), Ken Jones (Sam), Geoffrey Whitehead (Keston), Annette Woollett (Penny)

Teaser Sequence

The camera descends onto a deserted urban street in the early hours, as a car full of partygoers tears up and pulls to a stop. An attractive young girl carrying an armful of balloons climbs out of the car, waves goodbye and, smiling, climbs the steps to her front door. As she fishes for her keys, she hears a noise behind her and turns to see an odd-looking man frozen silent in the alcove. She smiles at him, but he registers no expression. Instead, his hand snaps into position bearing a knife; the girl begins to scream but is instantly silenced. As she falls dead to the ground, the killer departs and the balloons careen headlong towards the sky.

Plot Summary

Office secretary Ann is horrified to find a young neighbour murdered when she returns to her London flat one evening. When the police arrive she realises that she had witnessed what must have been the killer leaving the building just as she was entering, but is unable to make a positive identification. Shortly after, she spots the man working in a shop and runs terrified back to the office, convinced that he has followed her. When her detective boyfriend Mark re-assures her that the killer has in fact been caught, she forgets the incident and remains behind in the empty building to finish off a large batch of work. When she unexpectedly finds the security guard murdered and the front doors locked however, a terrifying nightlong ordeal begins, with her and her would-be killer caught in a deadly game of cat and mouse throughout the building.


This simple yet remarkably gripping tale of a girl trapped alone in a building with her pursuer plays on most people's fear of being chased. Much of the action takes place in silence, with long nerve-wracking sequences which suddenly erupt into a frenzy of frantic action.  The peculiar looking Robert Lang is perfect for the part of The Man; the masterstroke was to make him completely mute (save for a few lines off camera), which somehow makes him seem so much more the menacing. Complementing Lang's incredible performance is Julie Sommars, who is utterly believable as his terror stricken victim, and who's nerve-shredding screams add immensely to the episode's impact. One TV Times reader recalled at the time "this was bidding for some kind of award. I can't remember any other programme where I was too afraid even to light a cigarette for fear of missing a second of the non-stop action".



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