Come Out Come Out,
Wherever You Are

(ITC Movie title "Come Out Come Out, Wherever You Are")

Original UK transmission:
29th June 1974
Original US transmission:
10th September 1974

Brian Clemens
John Sichel
John Sichel
Lynda Day George (Cathy More), Peter Jeffrey (Dexter), John Carson (Arthur Lewis), Colette O'Neil (Alice Lewis), Bernard Holley (Paul Eastman), Richard Corbet (Reeves), Kathleen Mallory (Jane Howard), John Line (Davis), Molly Weir (Miss Pendy), Kevin Brennan (Parminter)

Teaser Sequence

The camera pans across a deserted leafy glade where an abandoned castle sits. Two girls pull up in a car, one of them keen to go up to the top to take some photos and the other reluctant to do so. The brunette with the camera talks her friend into going and they enter the castle, but are followed promptly by a faceless figure. They reach the tower which is exposed and unfenced, and the blonde girl looks disinterestedly across the glade while her friend busies herself with taking photos. Suddenly, she hears a scream and turns to see the girl with the camera scrambling to prevent herself from falling over the edge.

Plot Summary

American tourist Cathy More wakes up in her English country hotel to find that her travelling companion has vanished mysteriously in the night. The gruff hotel owner denies any knowledge of the girl and insists that only one person had checked in the night before, but the wife views her drinking husband with some suspicion. A police detective is called in and it begins to look as though Cathy may be mentally disturbed when, unexpectedly, traces of the missing girl begin to show up in the hotel. The owner is immediately suspected, but is there in fact some other factor at work here?


An ingenious whodunit with a twist, as we're never really sure whether the missing girl even existed in the first place. Peter Jeffery is in fine form as the larger than life detective Dexter, and the rest of the cast does an admirable job backing him up. Quite a few good twists throughout too. The "flashbacks" Cathy continually suffers from are very effective in generating an air of mystery and suspense. John Carson had previously starred in
"Possession", while Lynda Day George's husband Christopher George would appear in the following story. Worth seeing.