The Next Scream You Hear

(ITC Movie title "Not Guilty")

Original UK transmission:
6th July 1974
Original US transmission:
16th July 1974

Brian Clemens
Robert D. Cardona
John Sichel
Christopher George (Bernard Peel), Dinsdale Landen (Matthew Earp), Richard Todd (Tulliver), Suzanne Neve (Blonde), Edward Hardwicke (Gifford), Derek Bond (Maycroft), Hans Meyer (Karl Vorster), Frank Wylie (Hendry), Andrew Mann (Garfield), Marion Diamond (Jennifer Peel), Belinda Mayne (Boutique Assistant)

Teaser Sequence

The camera pans across a country landscape; in a greenhouse a young woman and an elderly woman are at work when a phone can be heard to ring. The younger woman goes into the house to answer it, and is distressed to find an anonymous caller at the other end. The voice tells her that her husband is cheating on her, and to go home at once. He then hangs up, and she is left with a worried look on her face.

(NOTE: In the movie version this sequence is intercut with extraneous US footage of a man wearing a stocking over his head)

Plot Summary

Businessman Bernard Peel is being framed for the murder of his wife and calls in private detective extraordinaire Matthew Earp. The flamboyant Earp pieces together a scenario that is completely at odds with the official version, much to the annoyance of the authorities. However, there are some disturbing implications to the evidence. Is Peel really being framed, or he is cleverer than he looks?


This is virtually just another vehicle for the character of Matthew Earp (who had first appeared in Season One's
An Echo Of Theresa ), but fortunately he is in even sharper form this time around. In fact, if the show had been made a few years earlier it's highly possible Earp could have wound up in an ITC production of his own. The script is workmanlike but full of incident. Christopher George was the real life husband of Lynda Day George who had appeared in the previous week's episode "Come Out Come Out Wherever You Are". Worth catching, though should not be confused with the similarly titled classic The Next Voice You See.