Killer With Two Faces

(ITC Movie title "Killer With Two Faces")

Original UK transmission:
25th January 1975
Original US transmission:
3rd December 1974

Brian Clemens
John Scholz-Conway
John Cooper
Donna Mills (Patty Heron), Ian Hendry (Spelling), Roddy McMillan (Inspector Fillory), David Lodge (Bradley), Robin Parkinson (Mr Holland)

Teaser Sequence

In what looks like a prison cell, a man is receiving a medical check up. He reflects that he is in perfect physical shape, whereas his doctor clearly is not despite being of the same age and build. When he also points out that the physician's clothes would fit him perfectly, he lunges forward and renders his opponent unconscious. In the guise of the doctor, he then tricks the guard into opening the door and quickly incapacitates him too. Donning a stethoscope, he then marches confidently from the premises, which can now be seen to bear the sign "Institution For The Criminally Insane".

Plot Summary

Serial killer Terry Spelling escapes from a mental institution and apparently meets up with an attractive young woman, Patty, on a train. When he tells her that he is an architect, she asks him to join her the next day and visit the run down old house she has bought with a view to renovating. Spelling agrees, but when Patty meets up with her architect she finds him curiously quiet and changed, as if he were a completely different man. What she doesn't realise is that perhaps there are in fact two Spellings.


A clever "doppelganger" story that plays on the schizophrenic nature of Spelling, with a fine lead performance by Hendry. Donna Mills makes her third appearance in the series (see also
Someone At The Top Of The Stairs and One Deadly Owner), playing much the same character as ever but providing a good foil for Hendry. The central premise is held back initially to confuse the viewer, though most will probably have guessed it by the time it is revealed. Recommended.