The Double Kill

(ITC Movie title "The Double Kill")

Original UK transmission:
19th April 1975
Original US transmission:
18th February 1975

Brian Clemens
Ian Fordyce
Ian Fordyce
Gary Collins (Hugh Briant), James Villiers (Paul), Peter Bowles (Superintendent Lucas), Stuart Wilson (Max Burns), Penelope Horner (Clorissa Briant), John Flanagan (Michael Player), Hilda Fenemore (Mrs Harper), Griffith Davies (Burglar), Michael Stainton (Brent)

Teaser Sequence

Under cover of darkness, a thief stands looking at a grand house while the female occupant sleeps. He enters through a window, and discovers a large collection of silver, while the owner sleeps on oblivious.

Plot Summary

Bored playboy Hugh Briant discovers a thief in his home one evening while his wealthy wife is asleep upstairs. Seizing the opportunity, Briant blackmails the man into murdering his wife in exchange for a large sum of money and no questions asked. The deed is done, but things don't go as planned and it transpires that a series of clues have been deliberately left that clearly point to Briant's involvement in the murder. As his world begins to crumble around him, the cocksure Briant finds himself on the receiving end of the assassin's own blackmail attempts. Enraged, he swears vengeance on his tormentor, but fails to grasp the true nature of his identity.


One of the very best, this instalment has enough unpredictable twists to keep one guessing right throughout. Gary Collins (who had already appeared in
Only A Scream Away and would return in Dial A Deadly Number) handles the part of the self-assured Briant with ease and is a strong on-screen presence. Stuart Wilson is also notable as the vile Max Burns. A winning episode in every aspect.