Good Salary - Prospects - Free Coffin

(ITC Movie title "Mirror Of Deception")

Original UK transmission:
10th May 1975
Original US transmission:
12th May 1975

Brian Clemens
John Scholz-Conway
Ian Fordyce
James Maxwell (Carter), Kim Darby (Helen), Keith Barron (Charley Masters), Julian Glover (Gifford), Susan Dury (Babs Bryant), Gillian Hawser (Babs Two), John Abineri (Inspector Bruff), Bruce Boa (Hanley), Janina Faye (Wendy Phillips), Martin Read (Timothy Bryant), Reg Lye (Caretaker), Peter Hill (Filing Clerk), Julie Crosthwait (Tall Blonde), Annette Woollett (Wendy Two), Christina Palmer (Helen Two), Karl Held (Security Guard)

Teaser Sequence

The camera pans across a large garden where a man is busy digging, while a girl looks on with interest from the house. Inside, a distinguished-looking man is listening to pop music through headphones; he opines "I will never see it as decadent - Western music - brash, certainly...occasionally mindless...but certainly not decadent." The girl at the window asks what the man in the garden is doing, to which her companion replies casually, "Oh, he's digging a grave for you my dear."

Plot Summary

A girl living with two female flatmates lands what appears to be an exciting and well paid job when she answers a prominent ad in the local newspaper. The other two watch enviously as she is swept off abroad, but after several weeks without any contact the same ad re-appears in the paper and they conclude that she has been dismissed. Babs tries for the job and is successful, but when she too disappears without word the remaining girl Helen becomes suspicious. When she encounters a girl posing as Babs working in the embassy, Helen feels certain that her friends have met with foul play.Despite her new husband Charley's blatant dismissal of her concerns, Helen pursues her theories. Then, one day, the pesky newspaper ad returns and Helen decides to apply for the job herself...


An engaging story of high espionage impinging on everyday people, this top episode gives away its secrets in the first few minutes and then leaves the viewer to sit back and simply enjoy watching the central character discover the answers for herself. As usual, the action unfolds with such precision that there is scarcely a dull moment. Julian Glover's menacing character Gifford is particularly memorable. Not to be missed.