Murder Motel

(ITC Movie title "Murder Motel")

Original UK transmission:
24th May1975
Original US transmission:
26th May 1975

Brian Clemens
Malcolm Taylor
Ian Fordyce
Derek Francis (Sam), Robyn Millan (Kathy), Ralph Bates (Michael Spencer), Edward Judd (Charles Burns), Alan McClelland (Lee), John Hallam (Roscoe), Anne Rutter (Helen Spencer), June Watson (Petra), Gillian McCutcheon (Janice Freeman), Patrick Jordan (Inspector Turner), Paul Humpoletz (Osgood), Patrick Tull (Terry)

Teaser Sequence

A man pulls into a motel late at night, watched by two sinister figures. Worriedly, he checks into a room just as the two men approach the front desk and are handed the keys to his door. They then proceed to enter his room and confront him with a knife while he is in the shower. Walking out past reception again, they casually return the keys to the manager, who barely looks up from his newspaper. Back in the room, the man slumps dead in the bathtub, the water running red with blood.

Plot Summary

The Woodheath Motel is an unorthodox establishment where, for a fee, the harmless looking owner Sam will arrange to dispose of your enemies. Michael Spencer and his sister Helen innocently check into the motel with a plan to frame a workmate staying there, but instead find themselves on the receiving end of the establishment's unique services. Shortly after, Michael's girlfriend Kathy arrives at the motel searching for her partner, but only finds herself thrown into a nightmare ordeal as she and the owners become ever more suspicious of each other.


This was a tribute the the film Psycho, as is obvious by the re-enacted "shower scene" during the teaser. However, the notion of murder being committed on the premises for a fee is laughable to say the least (surely it would take no time for the police to deduce no one ever leaves there?) The marvellously talented Derek Francis had previously appeared both as Shelby Grafton in
K Is For Killing and Octavius Lamb in Who Killed Lamb? , while Edward Judd had played a similar minor part in "Sign It Death".