Kill Two Birds

(ITC Movie title "Cry Terror")

Original UK transmission:
8th May 1976
Original US transmission:
28th October 1975

Brian Clemens
Robert Tronson
Ian Fordyce
David Daker (Charlie Draper), Dudley Sutton (Gadder), Bob Hoskins (Sammy Draper), Susan Hampshire (Sally), Gabrielle Drake (Tracy), Rita Giovannini (Carrie Draper), Stephen Yardley (Tosher), Bunny May (Freddie), John Flanagan (Wilson), Donald Morley (Dexter), John Bailey (Kemp), Granville Saxton (Farrow), William Hoyland (Turner), Christopher Ellison (Denver), Dawn Perllman (Hairdresser)

Teaser Sequence

From behind the wheel of a car, a man can be seen making his way through town by bus. Entering a flat, he shouts out "Charlie's home and Charlie's rich!" only to find the occupant laid out dead on a bed. At this point several thugs appear demanding to know where he has hidden the money he stole ten years earlier, but Charlie manages to escape by diving through a window and into the street, where he is pursued frantically by the murderers. An anonymous figure wearing a gold watch looks on from behind the scenes, and as the men disappear down a back street he lets himself into the flat and takes a look around. Finding the dead body, he quickly doubles back the way he came and the camera pans up to a bird sitting in its cage.

Plot Summary

Charlie Draper has barely been released from prison when he is set upon by a gang of organised criminals intent on having the money he stole in a bank raid years earlier. Draper escapes into the country and heads for the cafe/garage owned by his brother Sammy, but the murderous Gadder and his henchmen manage to pick up the trail and follow in pursuit. Meanwhile, two female tourists arrive at the cafe when their car breaks down, and are thrown into a terrifying ordeal when Gadder shows up searching for Draper.


Although she received top billing in a TV Times feature at the time of this story, Susan Hampshire really has little to do in this excellent suspense thriller. The real stars are David Daker and Dudley Sutton as the two charismatic but opposing criminals Draper and Gadder. Sutton is particularly memorable as the incredibly sardonic Gadder, who seems to command complete loyalty from his henchmen without ever looking as though he's paying the slightest attention. Bob Hoskins makes an early appearance. This was probably the most richly-budgeted Thriller episode ever, with an enormous amount of day and night location filming.