Death In Deep Water

(ITC Movie title "Death In Deep Water")

Original UK transmission:
22nd May 1976
Original US transmission:
4th November 1975

Brian Clemens
James Ormerod
Ian Fordyce
Bradford Dillman (Gary Stevens), Suzan Farmer (Gilly), Ian Bannen (Doonan), Philip Stone (Burton), Diana Weston (Helen Wiles)

Teaser Sequence

The camera pans up over New York harbour, where a plane is passing overhead. In the baggage storage area of an airport, a worried-looking man stuffs his jacket into a suitcase and removes a false moustache and wig. Another figure armed with a pistol spots him and the two launch into a desperate struggle, but the man with the suitcase manages to knock him out before dashing frantically to board a plane in time. Yet, elsewhere, an innocuous-looking gentlemen receives a photograph of the fugitive from an unseen party, with the words "I want him found...I want him dead." The man nods, and smiles...

Plot Summary

A prime witness against a powerful crime syndicate, former hit man Gary Stevens escapes his would-be assassins by taking up residence in a lonely island cottage. One day during a violent storm, a beautiful young girl pounds on the door in her bathing costume and begs to be allowed in out of the rain. Stevens cautiously agrees, and finds himself attracted to his mysterious visitor, who confesses that she recognises Stevens' face from the newspapers. Subsequently, the girl returns to the island and a romance blooms, but she still refuses to give any details about herself other than that she is married to a wealthy older man whom she does not love. Stevens, now fully under the girl's spell, acquiesces to her plan for him to murder her husband and share in the money. The deed goes ahead, but then events begin to take a bizarre turn...


Opinions are divided over this one but I've always found it to be very atmospheric and enjoyable. The plight of Stevens, vulnerable and alone on a remote island far from home, is a very appealing one. Bradford Dillman, who had given such a memorable performance in
The Next Voice You See, returns in a completely different role as the bad guy with a soft heart. The plot is certainly very convoluted and interesting, and the ending is wonderful. A worthy finale to the series.

Trivia: the location filming took place at Bantham, in the town of Totnes.