Supplementary Episode

Who Killed Lamb?

Original UK transmission:
16th March 1974

Anthony Skene and Michael Zagor
WRITTEN BY: Anthony Skene
David Cunliffe
David Cunliffe
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ARCHIVE STATUS: Exists as PAL 625 line VT

Plot Summary

Superintendent Jamieson arrives in Oxford to investigate the murder of a local businessman, Octavius Lamb, in his flat late one night. Octavius ran his own "help for hire" agency and was, by all accounts, a well-liked man with no known enemies. No-one can seem to be able to suggest a reason why anyone would want him dead.

The case moves forward though when the custodian in Lamb's apartment block reports that he had seen a man on a motorbike leaving the building suddenly on the night of his death. It soon transpires that the same motorcyclist has been involved in a serious accident and has been taken to a local hospital in a coma. The murder weapon is found near the scene of the accident and for a while it looks as though the murderer has been found.

But Jamieson soon begins to uncover evidence that suggest that Lamb was not quite the saint everyone knew him as. A private mailing address is discovered some miles away which clearly shows that the man was in fact a professional blackmailer who used his business as a front for collecting compromising information about potential victims. Jamieson is now certain that one of the blackmailed parties was the murderer, but is it possible that even Lamb's wife and son could have been involved somehow?

Who did kill Lamb?


This one off play from Yorkshire TV has no connection proper with the ATV series, but for reasons unknown was allocated a spot in the Series Two schedule and was billed and fully networked as an episode of Thriller. The running time is 65 minutes (the same unusual length as the ATV episodes) and an American actor is featured, along with scripted Americanisms like "janitor" (indeed it aired in the US on 4th February 1974).
It should be noted however that the play does NOT use the Thriller title sequence or theme music; the title sequences are entirely unique and refer to the program only as "Who Killed Lamb?" Also, the musical score is not by Laurie Johnson but is merely stock music. According to the closing titles the play was a "David Paradine-Trident Television co-production 1973" (the former was David Frost's production company, the latter was the owner of Yorkshire and Tyne Tees television at the time). This was quite a prestigious and well-received production at the time. It is included as an extra in the R2 dvd box set.

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