The following is a list of transmissions known to have been taken place since 1980.


Many ITV stations screened repeats of Thriller (in UK ITC movie format) between 1981 and 1984, including Thames/LWT, TSW, Anglia, Granada, Southern Television/TVS, Tyne-Tees and Central. However, each region had its own unique schedule so, while some regions got all 43, others got only a handful. Unfortunately, many stations billed the series as "Late Night Thriller" or "Monday Night Mystery" which meant that hardly anybody recognised it as the famous Thriller series of the 70's.

Thriller was never again repeated on terrestrial UK television, but in 1996 satellite channel BRAVO aired 17 episodes, all in original ATV format bar two (noted in bold) which were in UK ITC movie format. Two other episodes (in blue) were sourced from poor quality colour film copies of the original videotapes.

Lady Killer, Possession, An Echo Of Theresa, The Colour Of Blood, Murder In Mind, Spell Of Evil, One Deadly Owner, A Coffin For The Bride, Come Out Come Out Wherever You Are, Nurse Will Make It Better, Night Is The Time For Killing, Killer With Two Faces, The Double Kill, Good Salary Prospects Free Coffin, The Next Voice You See, Sleepwalker, Death In Deep Water.

Bravo's repeats came to an abrupt end when the station was re-branded and ITC material dropped from the schedule.


Thriller was a popular late night offering in Australia until the advent of "infomercials" brought an end to such programming. The series was repeated five times by Channel 7 (in UK ITC movie format) in the space of only six years.

37 episodes of Thriller aired between September 13 and November 7, 1988. These were scheduled in a 90 minute slot (at 2am), with frequent commercial interruptions.

In 1990, 35 episodes were repeated between April 9 and May 25 (with slight variations in titles from the 88 run). These all aired in a 70 minute slot, with only two short commercial breaks at the points designated by the blood red "break bumpers" (which were largely retained), apart from the extended "If It's A Man - Hang Up!" which required a longer slot of 80 minutes.

Between June 24 and August 9, 1991, 35 episodes were played. These were in the same 70 minute slot as those in 1990.

Between October 19 and November 30, 1992, 31 episodes were played, followed by one further episode ("Cry Terror") on Christmas Eve. These were in the same 70 minute slot as those in 1990/91.

In 1994, 34 episodes were screened between August 22 and October 14.

A sixth repeat season was scheduled in mid-1995 but was aborted at the last moment. Sadly, Thriller has never aired on Australian tv in any form since.


All 43 episodes were transmitted by Belgian station BRT TV1 (servicing several different countries) in the early 90's, all in English with Flemish subtitles. These were all the original ATV versions except for: Possession, The Eyes Have It, Spell Of Evil, Sign It Death, Screamer, If It's A Man - Hang Up! and Sleepwalker. Three other episodes - Death To Sister Mary, Night Is The Time For Killing and Good Salary, Prospects, Free Coffin - were sourced from poor quality colour film copies of the original videotapes.

The French title sequences utilised stills grabbed from the English title sequences, with French credits overlayed. Despite only seven episodes airing in France in the 'seventies, 38 episodes were aired in quasi-ATV format by the French Channel "La Cinq" in 1986, and then repeated twice in 1989. In some cases the "fisheye" title sequence was used (but the titles say Angoisses instead of Thriller and are in French) while in other cases a new title sequence (with a picture of a dark forest but still with the Johnson theme) was made up. All these episodes were dubbed, using the original music/effects audio track from the English versions with French actors providing the voices. The five episodes omitted were: Spell of Evil, Only a Scream Away, Won't Write Home Mom - I'm Dead, Nightmare for a Nightingale and Death in Deep Water.

Episodes have also aired in Spain, Italy, Germany, Denmark and Holland but although most were in original ATV format some were dubbed.

View three original German TV listings: Ring Once For Death * A Coffin For The Bride * Not Guilty

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Due to the way in which the episodes have been repeated as stand-alone movies in the US (usually titled simply "The Late Movie" or "Early Morning Movie"), it is difficult to compile a list of repeats. However on several occasions they were shown as a series and titled "Thriller" in the tv listings. Repeats continued sporadically until the early 90s.

The US also had a good many video releases during the 1980's.


Thriller was extensively marketed in its day and also aired in Portugal, Venezuela, Argentina, The Philippines, Canada, Mexico, Ecuador and many other countries.