Original US tx dates

These are the original networked screenings. On weeknights, ABC would run special themed programmes under the umbrella title ABC WIDE WORLD OF ENTERTAINMENT. One or two nights a week, the WIDE WORLD OF MYSTERY instalment appeared, which is when the Thriller episodes were broadcast. The other weeknight slots were filled up with various themed programmes such as Dick Clark's WIDE WORLD IN CONCERT series.

As can be seen, some of these episodes like "A Midsummer Nightmare" aired up to eight months prior to their UK debut in ATV format, a reminder of why they occasionally might have featured extra scenes not in the UK equivalents (these sequences being trimmed from the ATV versions in the intervening long gap leading up to their UK debut).

Note that all these episodes used the original UK titles.

An Echo Of Theresa 15th January 73

Lady Killer 18th January 73

Someone At The Top Of The Stairs 12th February 73

A Place To Die 18th March 73

Possession 12th April 73

The Colour Of Blood 18th June 73

File It Under Fear 9th October 73

Spell Of Evil 11th October 73

One Deadly Owner 6th November 73

Ring Once For Death 6th December 73

Murder In Mind (tx date unknown)

Once The Killing Starts 7th January 74

The Eyes Have It 14th January 74

[Who Killed Lamb? 4th February 74]

Only A Scream Away 18th February 74

Kiss Me And Die 25th February 74

A Coffin For The Bride 11th March 74

I'm The Girl He Wants To Kill 18th March 74

K Is For Killing 5th April 74

Sign It Death 9th April 74

Death To Sister Mary 21st May 74

In The Steps Of A Deadman 27th May 74

The Next Scream You Hear 16th July 74

Come Out, Come Out Wherever You Are 10th September 74

Screamer 12th November 74

A Killer In Every Corner 19th November 74

Killer With Two Faces 3rd December 74

Night Is The Time For Killing 7th January 75

Where The Action Is 17th February 75

The Double Kill 18th February 75

Nurse Will Make It Better 24th February 75

The Crazy Kill 25th February 75

Won't Write Home Mom - I'm Dead 3rd March 75

If It's A Man - Hang Up! 5th May 75

Good Salary - Prospects - Free Coffin 12th May 75

Murder Motel 26th May 75

The Next Voice You See 27th May 75

A Midsummer Nightmare 16th September 75

The Next Victim 23rd September 75

Nightmare For A Nightingale 30th September 75

Sleepwalker 7th October 75

Kill Two Birds 28th October 75

Death In Deep Water 4th November 75

Dial A Deadly Number 18th November 75